Fat Quarter and Strip Drawings

Basic Information

Fabric should be 100% cotton quilt-shop quality, approxi-mately 18" x 22" for fat quarters, 2.5" x Width of Fabric for Strips. Each entry should follow the theme of the month. Each person may contribute as many as, but not more than, three per month.
Each contribution should have the donor's name and phone number attached.
For each item contributed, the donor's name is put into the drawing up to three.
Donations are taken at the Thursday and Saturday meet-ing. Or they may be mailed to the MQ office, 253 State St, St Paul, MN 55107-1612 so long as they arrive before the Saturday meeting.
If there are 29 or fewer entries on Saturday, one name is drawn. If there are 30 or more, two names are drawn. The FQs are divided up evenly between the winners. Winners do not need to be present. The winner(s), if not present, is phoned and notified that s/he may pick up the FQs/ Strips at the MQ office. Or other arrangements may be made with the winner.

Future Themes


For 2017, The Fat Quarter Drawing team Becca Brackett and Lynn Zuspann, have decided that some months we will have a drawing of donated 2 1/2 inch wide strips. So if you are one of the MN Quilters who is Stripping a lot and Never Use Fat, then come share the fun!
Strips should be 2.5 inches wide and Width of the Fabric length, or from a jelly roll. Our themes are:

  • DECEMBER- No drawing - see you at the Holiday Brunch!
  • November – Strips of Blue fabric
  • October – Fat Quarters of Red or Green or prints with both -red roses?
  • September – Strips of fabric with geometric designs
  • August – Fat Quarters with Small Floral designs
  • July – Strips of pastel colors
  • June – no drawing- see you at the Show
  • May – Fat Quarters of Plaid
  • April - Strips of Purple or Yellow ( Complementary colors)
  • March - Fat Quarters of Solid colors
  • February - Strips of Pink Orange or Red
  • January - Fat Quarters of Batik fabric


  • November- GRAY – can be a dark, medium or light solid or patterned.
  • October- LEAVES – Any color
  • September- HOUSES & SCHOOL – places where we live and learn: School houses, books, rulers, playground, librar-ies, houses, teepees, igloos
  • August- SUMMER FUN - sports, picnics, summer foods, swimming
  • July- FLAGS – or red white and blue
  • May- DOTS & SPOTS - Dotted Swiss, Polka Dots, Big Dots, leopard spots
  • April- SKY Theme – Clouds, wind, rain, sunset, stars or moon on a sky
  • March- Anything IRISH - Green, 4 leaved clover, Leprechauns or other little people, Linen look. (We used to skip this month when going to the Spring Lecture and seeing the Quilts in the Library - Thanks for the memories Laura!)
  • February- DOODLES - letters, numbers, thin line designs, lace conceived in boredom
  • January- SNOW - Snow falling, covering the landscape, white on white, white marbelized


  • November - stripes of any kind, width, or color
  • October - orange and black, they don't have to be related to Halloween
  • September - plaids
  • August - animal prints, large or small, but not childlike caricature types
  • July - remember out military with tanks, aircraft, subs, military logos, or American flag designs.
  • May - flowers of any size, color, shape or pattern
  • April - sky blue with clouds, stars, suns, moons, or rain drops
  • March - no drawing
  • February - right reds with tiny prints, dots, mottled or any other motif
  • January - batiks of any color or pattern


  • November - mini prints
  • October - Orange and/or Blue - Complementary
  • September - Angels
  • August - Farms, Fields, Farm Animals
  • July - Water, Swimming, Fish and Rivers
  • May - Flowers
  • April - pastels
  • February - red, white, or pink
  • January - snowflake or star fabrics


  • October - Christmas prints
  • September - Halloween prints
  • August - Fall Leaf
  • July - Green Batiks
  • June - no drawing
  • May -
  • April - Stars
  • March - no drawing
  • February - Hearts
  • January - Winter Blues (batiks)


  • November - Fruits & Vegetables
  • October - Santa prints
  • September - circles and dots
  • August - stripes
  • July - scenic prints
  • May - flowers
  • April - think rain
  • March - no drawing
  • February - greens
  • January - red, pink and white fabrics


  • October - fall colors
  • November - holiday fabrics


Updated 6 May, 2017