Volunteer Corner

Hello to all our wonderful MQ members. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered this past month.. Thanks to all of you! We need and appreciate all of our volunteers! All volunteers need to record their hours on the white slips at the meetings. Since the first quarter of our last fiscal year starting Oct 1 you have turned in 2152 hours on the white slips. Keep up the good work.
Nancy Hall , Loretta Stone, and Mary Tague, Volunteer Coordinators

MQ Outstanding Volunteer

Each year we solicit nominations from members for the Outstanding Volunteer. This is a special recognition of a member who exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism at Minnesota Quilters. The award is presented at the April meetings. Nominations can be sent at any time to any member of the Board of Directors.

Current Volunteer Help Wanted

If any of you are interested in the following positions or have questions about them, please send an email to volunteer@mnquilt.org  or talk to one of the Volunteer Coordinators at the meetings.  If you would like to volunteer for a position that is not listed, please let us know. We need you, remember this is a volunteer organization!

Gallery Exhibit Coordinator:
Rebecca Finch is looking for a new coordinator for this committee as she is our new show coordinator. She will train anyone interested. See her at the meeting or email mqgalleryexibits@mnquilt.org

Public Relations Coordinator:
See Rebecca Finch about this position if you are interested. She will train the new person. Contact her at luvkimono@yahoo.com.

Business Member Coordinator
This person contacts quilting related businesses to become members of Minnesota Quilters. For more information, contact Barbara Jackson at meyer98@comcast.net

Evening Meeting Coordinator
This person leads the Thursday night meeting. Sue Sandager will stay on as an alternate. We need another person to be the main meeting leader. Contact Sue for more information at suesandager@aol.com

Photographer Thursday Meeting
This person takes pictures at the Thursday meeting and sends them to the newsletter editor. Contact editor@mnquilt.org



Updated 25 August, 2017