Membership Meeting, 1/4/2024

Date: Thursday, January 4, 2024
Time: 7PM
Location: Recovery Church and Zoom

It’s Showtime! At our January meetings, we will reveal details about The Minnesota Quilt Show which will be June 13-15 at Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) in Duluth. Who are the faculty and what are they teaching? How many quilts can I enter and what's the deadline? What are the exciting events happening? Who is on the Show Committee? Where can I get a discount on my hotel reservation?

There will be door prizes: advanced registration and daily tickets!

Both meetings will be hybrid so you can be a "zoomer" or a "roomer." Either way our goal is to get you excited about The Minnesota Quilt Show. If you are coming in person, come a half hour early so you can check out the various "show acts."

Invite a friend that has never been to our show. Guests are free this month!

The Quilting for Others (QFO) committee will be available for drop-off and pick-up at both January meetings.

Rose Allen Quilt
"Spice" by Rose Allen
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