Welcome to Minnesota Quilters, Inc.

If you like quilts and quilting, this is a great place to connect with friends who share your interests. At Minnesota Quilters, we are pleased to offer excellent connections to the world of quilting here in Minnesota, throughout the region, and elsewhere.

Attend an event, sign up for a class, or attend The Minnesota Quilt Show. Anyone can attend, and many quilters also decide to become a member. Browse our website, and you will learn about everything we offer.

Welcome to our world; welcome to Minnesota Quilters.

Upcoming Events

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The Minnesota Quilt Show 2024

Registration opens for members on January 16.

For all the details visit The Minnesota Quilt Show site.

Meet the Teachers - 2024

Meet the Teachers – 2024

Meet The Teachers: View the video replays here.

Recovery Church Retreat

2024 Day Retreats

Three days of sewing together at MQ.

For information and registration for 2024 in-town retreats, click/tap the photo.

Mystery Quilt

MQ 2024 Online Mystery Quilt

Minnesota Quilters 2024 Online Mystery Quilt!

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Membership Meeting, 7/11/2024

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024 Time: 7PM Location: Zoom (see July newsletter for link)  

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Membership Meeting, 7/13/2024

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2024 Time: 10AM Location: Recovery Church and Zoom (see July newsletter for link)  

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