2024 Day Retreats

Enjoy 3 days of sewing with 23 other quilters and go home to your own sweet bed at night! See below for dates.

Time: 9am - 8pm on Thursday & Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday
Location: MQ Office, 253 State Street, St. Paul

We will only hold a retreat if we have a host (or two) to volunteer. These are the dates available for this year.

  • July 18-20: Hosts are Jennifer Schultz and Karen Knoll. Register for July retreat.
  • August 22-24: Hosts are Loretta Stone and Kimberly Werner. Registration opening soon.
  • September 19-21: Hosts are Loretta Stone and Liz McHenry. Registration opening soon.
  • October 17-19: AM Host is Jennifer Schultz. Registration opening soon.
  • November 21-23: AM Host is Loretta Stone. Registration opening soon.
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