Stories about Minnesota Quilters

The Minnesota Quilt Project, which is an integral part of MQ's mission, continues to interview members and share their special stories of quilting with all of you. You can be a new quilter or a more experienced one, a modern, contemporary, traditionalist or all of the above. Here is a form to fill out. You can email it with pictures to MQP at [email protected], or we can make a date to interview you and get a picture with some of your quilts. We hope you will enjoy knowing more about one another! Click on on a quilter's name to read their story.

Rose Allen (November 2020)
Rebecca Anderson (April 2021)
Sylvia Aufderheide (February 2019)
Pat Blazick-Peterson (April 2023)
Diana Callahan (April 2019)
Lyda DeHaven (August 2022)
Karen Golden (March 2020)
Gail Hanson (February 2018)
Ruth Herbst (March 2018)
Mary Hinz (January 2021)
Tina Hollerman (May 2017)
Bernadine Kaufhold (March 2017)
Carla Kilkelly (April 2017)

Karen Kopitzke (April 2020)
Agnes Leer (May 2018)
Victoria Miller (July 2018)
Jackie Northrup (December 2019)
Carol Premack (February 2021)
Gladys Raschka (June 2018)
Sharyn Resvick (March 2021)
Beth Robinson (September 2017)
Kathie Simon Frank (December 2022)
Jeannie Spears (December 2017)
Rose Werner (October 2019)
Mitzi Wicklund (June 2017)
Ann Marie Yohnk (September 2020)

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