Document Your Quilts!

The following forms are for your use when documenting your quilts. To use a form, click on one of the links. You may then print as many copies of the form as you need.

  • Physical Description: Documentation of the physical characteristics of the quilt such as size, color, dimensions etc.
  • Quilt Maker: Background about the quilt's maker. This form is also used to document information about a quilt's owner if the Owner and Maker are different people.
  • Quilt Owner/Quilt Provenance: Information about the quilt's current owner and the quilt's history-where it has been, why it was made, contests/exhibitions etc.  The owner information is for MQP only and is not shared.  If someone wants to learn more about the quilt, Minnesota Quilters will contact the owner we have on file.  The owner can then decided whether or not to communicate with the researcher.
  • Release form: Allows MQP to include your quilt information and photographs in quilt databases such as Michigan State University's Quilt Index.

Mail or bring your completed forms, together with photographs of the quilt to:  the MQ office at 253 State Street, St Paul, MN 55107. Photos may be sent electronically to [email protected]. Your quilt information will be added to the Minnesota Quilt Project database and other databases for quilters around the world to study.

Owners' names and addresses will NOT be made available to the public. If a researcher has an interest in your quilt, they will contact Minnesota Quilters, Inc. and the researcher's contact information will be forwarded to you. You may decide if you want to respond to the inquiry.

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