Mystery Quilt 2024

Suzy Webster is back as our Mystery Quilt designer for 2024. See more information and register here:

For Participants

All of our year-long Mystery Quilts have produced some fantastic quilts! We ask our designers to make a pattern that is foolproof for choosing colors and what it results in is this easy step: You pick your favorite fabrics using their guidelines and you will have a beautiful quilt!

For Designers

MQ mystery quilts have been a profitable fundraiser for MQ and are lots of fun for those who participate. Wouldn’t you enjoy having your Mystery Quilt design chosen and have the opportunity to see the wonderful variety of completed Mystery Quilts?

Each year we have a private Facebook group that registrants can use to ask questions, post pictures of progress, and get to know each other. The Office Manager and MQ volunteers monitor the group. As the designer, we want your input in this group, but it's not necessary. The registrants love the ability to communicate with the designer. If we have construction questions from registrants, we will refer to you, either in the FB group or by email.

Quilt Proposal Requirements
  • You must have constructed a test sample of the quilt to proof the instructions.
  • A design that is fool proof for choosing colors.
  • Bed-sized with options for various sizes.
  • New quilt design not previously used for a mystery quilt.
  • Basic machine piecing may extend to challenging piecing.
  • If there is applique we need a straight piecing alternative.
  • Detailed instructions with good sketches. Instructions divided into about ten steps to completion.
  • We want the fabric choice instructions and cutting instructions separate from the steps. Each month's "clue" will be a pdf and can be sent to the Office Manager in Word or Publisher.
  • A striking pattern that will inspire quilters to participate in the Mystery Quilts year after year.

Each year's Mystery Quilt begins in January. Proposals need to reach MQ by June 30th to be considered for the following year’s MQ Mystery Quilt. We will take proposals for future years at any time. We try to open registration in October or November.

Send proposals to: Minnesota Quilters, Inc., Attn: Mystery Quilt, 253 State Street, St. Paul, MN 55107-1612.

If you have any questions, please contact Debra at the office, 651-224-3572, or President Elect at Thank you.

Clues from this year's Mystery

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